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Get paid on-time & reduce trade credit risk

We help trade merchants drive more sales and a superior customer experience via an end-to-end Trade Credit platform that keeps them in full control.

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Backed by leading fintech and construction investors
Built for the trades

Our credit platform helps drive greater commercial and customer outcomes

We replace spreadsheets, manual paperwork and outdated software with a modern credit platform that your teams and trade customers will love.

Increase sales

Proactively extend credit to your highest growth customers, supporting customer growth and increasing wallet share.

Enhance experiences

Enhance your online and instore payment experience through instant credit access and seamless online/offline service

Reduce costs

Automate key credit processes and reduce the administrative burden on your team with flexible, real-time reporting.

Protect cashflow

Get access to 3rd party financial products to help protect and enhance your cashflow


Credit is core to your proposition. Our technology helps optimize and extend it

Our platform brings advanced financial technology to help merchants maximise the return on their trade credit programs.

Open accounts quickly and with confidence

Onboard new trade customers from start to finish in just 2 minutes with fully digital onboarding, risk analysis and account creation processes.

  • Fully paperless experience, completed in minutesr website
  • Compatible with in-store and online applications
  • Auto-generate risk reports on applicants using 100's of data points

No hassle repayments

Low friction payments to help streamline your collections whilst providing flexibility to your customers

  • Offer multi payment method functionality to suit your customers' preferences
  • Frictionless 2-click repayments using secure open banking technology
  • Track outstanding balances, transactions, and approved delays
  • Create automated payment reminders by email, text and phone

Protect and grow your customer portfolio

Use real-time risk and credit data to inform proactive customer service and portfolio management.

  • Use risk data to better inform sales initiatives
  • Track your portfolio exposure, delinquencies and margins across risk segments
  • Gain better visibility on deteriorating customers to protect against credit losses
  • Segment customers using your proprietary data to identify new retention and growth opportunities

Efficient finance to protect your cash flow

Reduce over-insurance and ensure you get paid on every invoice with non payment protection.

  • Retrieve a live quote for single debtor or single insurance cover
  • 2 click ‘add-to-policy’ at account opening
  • Adjust insurance coverage in-line with aggregate customer risk level
  • Guarantee payment on high risk accounts with single-debtor non-payment insurance products.

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Advanced credit technology, re-designed for the Trades

Ontik replaces outdated systems and paper processes with credit technology designed for the needs of trade merchants.

End-to-end platform

A single trade credit and payments platform, reducing the need to maintain and manage multiple systems.

Modern software

A modern software experience, providing your credit and operations team with the tools that work for them, not against them.

Balance risk and reward

We combine the risk management of financial software, with the revenue and experience focus of retail software.

You're in full control

Unlike outsourced or ‘buy-now-pay-later’ suppliers, our tools keep you in full control of your customer experience and relationship.

Connect with your systems for seamless operations

Ontik integrates with popular merchanting eCommerce and ERP systems, unlocking new automation opportunities and ensuring all payments are automatically applied and customer data is always synced.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Ontik trade credit platform

What is Ontik?

Ontik is trade credit management software purpose built for the trades industries. Ontik enables merchants to provide best-in-class trade credit experiences whilst removing inefficiencies that plague the traditional ways of running trade accounts.

Who is Ontik for?

Ontik is for merchants in the trade industry. As well as helping you deliver delightful customer experiences, Ontik helps streamline back office finance and credit control operations.

How do customers interact with Ontik?

Ontik provides seamless onboarding and payment methods for your customers. Ontik believes in letting the merchant control the end-to-end brand experience so your end customers will always feel they are directly interacting with you.

Does Ontik integrate into my ERP / accounting software

Yes. Ontik has a range of different ERPs and accounting softwares that we can connect to. If your chosen supplier is not on the website, its not a problem. We can work with you to connect into your chosen supplier.

How long does it take to go live?

This depends on the level of integration. Typically 4 - 6 weeks.

What payment methods does Ontik provide?

Ontik provides all standard payment methods including BACS, card payment, open banking, and direct debit.

Who funds the credit?

The merchant funds the trade credit from their own balance sheet and / or their financial partner. Ontik provides the software behind to help you make better decisions and to ensure you collect the cash on time.

Does Ontik provide financial products?

No, Ontik is not a direct provider of invoice financing or insurance products. However, we intend to provide a marketplace where you can receive live offers from financial product providers to help enhance your balance sheet.

How does Ontik charge?

For the full end-to-end platform Ontik charges a small % on top of the payment cost. For the onboarding only Ontik will charge on a per applicant basis. For any 3rd party financial products and services the fee is paid directly to the provider.

Are there any hidden fees (i.e implementation fees)?

No, there are no hidden fees. Ontik will bear the cost of any integration as long as the contract is not terminated before the 1 year mark.

Does Ontik offer support?

Yes, we want you to get the most out of our software. Our team is on hand to provide training to your employees, and is available online and on phone for any day to day queries.

Can I get access to the platform now?

We are gradually onboarding a select cohort of customers to help us develop the platform to meet the needs of the trade sector. Contact our team to discuss being part of the early access programme.

How do I get started?

Request a demo using this website to book a call with our founders to discuss how Ontik could be useful to your business!

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